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We have teamed up with FATE & FAST, this gives you 100% peace of mind.

Through a social media page, it became apparent that an increasing number of subcontractors were facing enormous challenges in the finishing sector of construction. Many subcontractors and small businesses were not getting paid, some were being paid short, and vast numbers were struggling to reclaim their retention.

A few members of the social media page put their heads together to try and help some of these subcontractors get paid what was rightfully due to them. News spread quickly of this revolutionary movement, bringing more calls for assistance. Those same people decided that the formation of an official alliance could only serve to help to tackle the many problems the subcontractors faced.

Discussions evolved and it was agreed that developing a new web platform full of useful information and practical advice would be a good idea.

A member’s area could be introduced allowing access to a host of helpful documents, sign off sheet templates, invoice templates and the like.

FATE is a not-for-profit organisation run and governed completely by volunteers from various backgrounds and areas of expertise within the construction industry. People like you, people who have faced the problems you face.